Work on time

By Stephen Correa

In order to be guide by God we need to move. God guide us when we are ready to go forward. God can’t guide someone who doesn’t want to move. If we want to do things on time, we must put balance between the action and the judgment on the guide of God.

“Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city” Proverbs 16:32

People that are very active by nature and determined in everything, have the risk of get wrong a lot, to strive in vain and not act with wisdom. For This kind of personalities it would be convenient to wait a little more in order to take decisions. The people that act by impulses may have big losses of effort, time and money. Generally they are people outgoing and they like to undertake and do many things. The solutions for this problem is get use to meditated a little more in every decision, on wait in God to feel the peace that guide them through the Holy Spirit.

In the other side some people do not take risks. They are relaxed and quiet people by nature. They think a lot, take few decisions and don’t get new risks. There is fear, laziness or doubt. They only take safe steps, sometimes they wait an unreal safety in order to decide. The big risk of this aptitude is the lack of action and they lose many opportunities. Their lives become unproductive and with few results.

Lazy people wait that God do everything and dress it with “patient” or “I am waiting in God” but actually God is waiting for them to bless them. We always need action, a step of faith. God told Joshua “all that you do will prosper”, this is undertake, do an action, and do something.

The fear to fail, the incredulity and the laziness makes a person undecided. God talks us and then He wait for our obedience. It’s free the person who takes risks. If something stays in your heart and if you have a good wish for long time, go forward, start, work, act and God will guide you in the next steps.

The fear to fail is useless, because fail is something normal in life; there are experienced people that think the fail is the way to success. From the fail we learn to try it smarter. Sooner or later you should take faith steps, take risks and do things if you want to have success.

Let see what book of James says: What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? James 2:14. Faith is not true if it is not going together with action.

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