Winter sun

By Stephen Correa

One Monday morning was the coldest day in the year until that moment; suddenly the temperature went down so quickly from one day to other that the morning was very cruel. But when the midday arrived the sun went out strong, it was hopeful, relieved, comforted, it wasn’t a common sun, it was a winter sun. It was a very special sun.

It reminded me everything that God do for us between the tests. They are difficult, hard moments like the cruel cold. Some of them suddenly appear, and others are very long and they look without an end, like a long winter. But the sun that was relieved me make me think about how God treat us during the difficulties.

How we would want that problem hasn’t ever exist! How much we would like just avoid it! But there it is, surrounded us, and we must past through.

Isaiah 43:2 comforts us saying: “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you”.

That is our God, helping us, holding us, he is with us in this moment, don’t get away, don’t get cold and your heart get hard.

Refuge under His protector sun! He promise, be with us forever. The problem is we don´t understand why we are passing through this, but Isaiah says: “When you pass through the waters”, “when you walk through fire”, is something that will happen for sure. There are many reasons for the problems, but the Lord in His eternal love give us those “suns in winter”, that even happen when the test is not over and the long winter is in front of us there are consolation moments, refreshment. There is an unspeakable joy in the middle of a prayer, consolation from the Holy Spirit, a word that encourages us to keep going, someone who help us and strengthens us.

“…and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you”, while you don’t get away from the faith that holds you, the waters won’t cover you, as Peter, he walks over the water in a supernatural way, but he did it while he was looking Jesus. When He looked the storm that was surrounded him and the wildness sea taking his sight from the master, he started to sink.

Just believed says the Lord, why do you doubt? Asked. He told to the disciples when the storm came and the same is for us why do we doubt after have seen God’s faithful testimonies?

Don’t lose those winter suns that God has for you, listen to Him, don’t ignore Him, talks with the Holy Spirit and you will get the consolation and you will be free.

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