Watch over your inner

By Stephen Correa

If you used to have hate thoughts, anger, envy, revenge or lust; now your thoughts must have forgiveness, peace, love, faith and holiness. Your thoughts are very important, what we have inside of us is the key of the spiritual stage. The life habit we have, what we do and practice every day describe our true spiritual stage. If you have fear, bitterness, wounds or frustration thoughts; dispose of them today, everything you thought is what grows in your life. Our heart must be full with God’s presence; our mind should work as Christ mind. Don’t let negative thoughts control yourself; start to change today by the powerful word of the Lord, every negative though for a faith one.

Watch over your inner as the most important thing, watch over every feeling that appear, confess it before God and put it away at the moment. The bitterness root, curses and negative forts are in all minds and hearts and these are the central control of our decisions.

Everything you recognize as spiritual bondages, fears or mental forts will go when you first decide to face them, nobody change if don’t want to.

James 4:8 teach us: “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you”

Secondly you must be sincere before God and confess what it’s going on, whatever is it, close your door and pray to God and spend a moment with Him telling everything that is going on. Then you must give up to all evil in the name of Jesus.

You must learn the word of God until it became essential in your thoughts and feelings, you must meditate in it, study and memorize it, and it will make you free from all lies.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Proverbs 18:21

Don’t discourage, nothing is most powerful than the word of God to change you. Try to listen faith messages also, this will renew you and don’t let you fall on lies. God is with you, don’t discourage.

As much as you fill with the word of God not only you thought will change, but your vision about the life and your words will be totally different; you will see changes all around you, you will have an abundant life, fill with peace, health, prosperity and unction to become a truly blessing to others.

Psalm 1 says that if we meditated on day and night in the word of God will be like the tree planted at the river shore that, when its time come, gives fruit and its leaves never wither. ! Everything it done will prosper!

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