Today a miracle is waiting for you

By Stephen Correa

Our way in Christ is a way going up, ascendant, to God’s throne. God established times, ages for men, this is, years, months, weeks and days and He defined with them a portion of miracles for each day, and each one of those miracles are wonderful surprises for their sons.

Each one of us has from the Lord those moments and ages that is a ladder which takes us every day one more step to the perfection and to the eternal God’s purpose. In this heavenly time ladder there is a miracle for each step and each passing day we can go up one more step and get those God’s surprises. These God’s gifts will display according to His plan and our necessity. I read one time that the devil also plan your day to stop you and destroy you and it’s true, but if the devil do this, how much our Heavenly Father will have plan for us in this day? Don’t stay at the today step, don’t return and go down from the step you already climb up, behind you there aren´t blessings anymore. Jesus said: “Give us this day our daily bread” this word it doesn’t refer only about God’s food provision, it’s much more, and bread symbolizes a blessing, a provision and a revelation from God. Today something special is waiting for your life. If you don’t look for your Father blessing, you can lost it. That God’s bread will supply something you need, something that God wants to give you today, only tells God:” Father today I get this blessing you have for me, supplies my necessities, heal my illness, give me the miracle you have for today”

Some will get a revelation word from God, a touch from the Spirit that will transform his life, others will heal, find an important contact, people will open doors, for other will be the miracle of a big idea, an unforgettable moment with your family and friends. It can be economical prosperity, health, rest, business sales, work promote, other will know the love of their lives, the couple you were wish.

Each day we must wait for God’s miracles, believed and confess, ask to our good Father. Let’s wait with anxieties and expectations the blessings for today, because our God is a God of surprises, if you believe in it I can assure you that today will be a special day.

Many of us had have bad days and we got used to wait a hard day, heavy, but is time to change that way of thinking and start to tie off everything that is in heaven and it’s ready, something you are waiting, that you need, God order our steps, it’s like He is putting together the puzzle and our life takes other form. Don’t get used to the pessimism, to the complaint or the incredulity, from today remembers: wait for the Lord’s surprises and ask with faith.

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” Psalm 118:24

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