The word that lives, manifest

By Stephen Correa

We can read the Bible to have information or knowledge, but read it with an open spirit is better, hungry to know God, when we do it in this way, we open to read words that become revelation and transformation.

This is a spiritual exercise which fill us; we get faith and answers for each necessity; and the power of the word of God will be in us to declare with unction and power, and that word will not come back empty because is a revealed word.
Make dwell and live the word in your heart and it will give you results.

Colossians 3:16 ”Let the word of Christ[a] dwell in you richly; teach and admonish one another in all wisdom”; Lets have the Bible no a common book, but a wonderful experience that transform.

5 keys to make the word of God real

1. Wishing it fervently: Nothing will come or happen if we don’t wish it with all our heart, our wish or spiritual hunger and thirst is the first step so the word of God will come true in us.

2. Listening: “be attentive to my words;  incline your ear to my sayings (Pr.4:20 -22) when we hear a faith message or when we read the Bible and we do it with a loud voice not only read but listen, but is not only to listen, but pay attention very carefully so that word penetrate our spirit by what our ears hear.

3. Watching: The Bible is read with the eyes or through them, which take the vision, the word find other entrance to get in us. It will get record in your spirit everything you read with your eyes, look what you read, look the words, and visually will enter to your spirit. On Psalm 119:18 says: “Open my eyes, so that I may behold wondrous things out of your law”

4. Meditating: Once the word get in the spirit and heart we should process meditating in them, thinking carefully, see what they want to say, analyze carefully and quietly, this make the result appear and the word be revealed.

5. Sharing: the Bible teaches us the communion with God and with our brothers. Ministries are for that, for sharing the revelation. Listen to people that God use to give revelation and also share what you have, so you will empty to be full again even more with the Holy Spirit.

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