The 4 type of forgiveness

By Stephen Correa

The forgiveness is the foundation of all kind of health in mind, consciousness and heart. The forgiveness is the key of spiritual freedom. Forgiveness is a barrier we must cross in order to be free inside. Without forgiveness there is pain, rancor, resentment and bitterness. Start today your complete heal. Let see the 4 types of forgiveness:

First type is: “Forgive ourselves”
There are situations which give us disappointment. There are attitudes and things we done that humiliate, denigrate and ashamed us. This kind of failures needs auto-forgiveness. Forgives yourself! Nobody is perfect, as humans being we have a defective heart to fail. Forgive yourself is admit with humility your condition as human being. Admit you are not perfect and start to improve.

Second way of forgiveness: “Forgive others”
The wound hurts and sometimes a lot. But somebody says: “the best revenge is the forgiveness” because the lack of forgiveness auto-slaves. You hurt yourself when you don’t forgive, while the offender not even knows about your feelings. Your lack of forgiveness to others keep you prisoner and tied to that person. Be free forgiving! You choose between be prisoner or get the freedom. Confess the forgiveness with your lips. Do it and you will be free forever!

The third forgiveness is: Forgive God
Yes, as you hear, forgive God. This is sometimes an unconscious attitude. Does God get wrong? Not at all. But we perceive for our proud and ignorance that God fail us sometimes. We think that some tragedies and iniquities are God’s fault, but they are not. Change your attitude if you are mad with God. Because He wants the best and He never wanted something bad for you. Don’t keep rebellions to God, that will take you away from your happiness.

The fourth type is: God’s forgiveness
We fail many times to God. He is the creator of everything and the Judge of the universe. And God, even thou He is the Judge he doesn’t like to judge, but forgive. God doesn’t have love, HE IS LOVE. Jesus Christ mission on earth was: Forgive. God wanted to love us and He sent the answer of our sins. The answer is Jesus, the son of God, who dies at the cross to spill His blood and forgive us. Don’t blame you more if you failed God, because if you have genuine repentance you have God’s forgiveness. He promised. Received in this day the love and grace of God, because he is always ready to forgive your failure forever.

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