Serve God with unction

By Stephen Correa

God made you born with a specific purpose, so today we bless you declaring that God unction is upon you to bless others. Today you will discover that you are fulfill with potential in order to be a positive influence around you, your life will be a way of light and power to rescue others from the darkness and nothing will stop you.

Paul the Apostle (apasol) said: “Jesus was kind to me and chose me to be an apostle, so that people of all nations would obey and have faith”. Romans 1:5.

Don’t ever think that you are an accident in the World or that you were born for nothing important, because the truth it that God created us and chose us before the world was founded. His plan for us is, firstly, obey his word and spread it. Also He gave us gifts and abilities to improve them and His glory will release.

If you don’t know exactly what to do, ask God and He will put dreams, wishes and goals in your life, so you may push them forward. You will know it because He will put them in your heart.

Let’s pray together: “Father God, I pray that you clarify me and guide me in my life purpose, show me all the plans you have for me, open my spirit and my mind so I would be able to take the next step, in Jesus name, amen.

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