Prayers for health and God’s miracle

By Stephen Correa

God’s will is our health, so because of that now we order to all sickness and disease to go away from our life, our body and our house in the name of Jesus. We get the health that Christ gave us in the cross, for his sores our body and soul were healed. Amen

Psalms 91:6 says: “And you won’t fear diseases that strike (estraik) in the dark or sudden (sadden) disaster at noon” The Psalms promises that if we stay under the shadow of God’s wins, we don’t have anything to fear. Jesus only was disabled to do miracles in people who didn’t have faith.

Faith is a decision to believe in God, who is Almighty. It’s not what I feel, but is what I decided to do and persevere in that decision is have faith for a miracle. Faith resists fear, lies and incredulity, because this one takes us away from God’s promises. Faith is an ongoing battle, but is also the shield which protect us from enemy fire darts and heading to the way of bless and health.

Let’s pray together: Lord Jesus, I declare that you are my Healer, your wounds heal me at the cross. Health is my heritage (geritech) and I get it right now, because I believe in your promises. Father thank you for my health, because I know it’s the blessing you have for me in Jesus name. Amen.

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