Pray for God’s protection

By Stephen Correa

Today we declare that your life is cover under God’s Almighty hand, we put the precious blood of Christ mantle which gives you freedom from the enemy, sin and curse. Nothing could touch you under His Almighty hand. Your God in the name of Jesus Christ will holds you with His right hand and you won’t fall down ever. !Amen!

The Bible says: He who dwells (duels) in the shelter of the Most High will abide (abayd) in the shadow of the Almighty; says the Lord “You are my hope, mi God, the castle where I put my trust!

Every time you deal with hard situations in your life you should ask yourself this: Who is the God I am trusting in? Some people use the faith as a positive idea for a social moment in the church, or something nice that we could talk about during a chat between believers, but when they truly need to hang on (jen on) God they can’t, because faith is not something psychological, false or fantastical.

The true faith makes that God Creator of the Universe be pleased with us and work for our good. That God who has showed us His big love and power in many ways, that God who has showed through testimonies of miracles of what he can do, that God who have sent His son to the world, that God is our God. Trust in Him because He has the power of work for our good always.

Let’s pray together: Almighty Father, today I decide to trust in you at any situation that happen in my life. Thanks for showing me that you are powerful and you pleased in all who trust in you. I adore you through the Holy Spirit who lives inside of my heart. I ask you to protect me and my family, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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