Going out of the maze

By Stephen Correa

If you feel without an exit, like be in a confused maze, looking for help, without strength, trying to go out of certain problems and you can stand it anymore, it’s time to put your faith to work. Faith is the strongest power in the universe, in order to have faith you must trust, believed and rest in God’s love. The Creator of everything will help you in any situation.

As you want a quickly change, God also wants it and it’s the moment to reach an agreement with Him, ask God’s help is like to open the door so He can do it. Faith is to allow God to do a miracle. Faith is open a spiritual door, faith is the key that takes us where is God ready to help us. God is supernatural and He will act as what He is, doing incomprehensible things. What we don’t expect, what’s look difficult is God’s specialty. Give an opportunity to God putting your faith to work.

God sees from up and He knows the way out of your maze. He loves you hugely and it’s a good moment so you can give Him an opportunity to act. Your words are the faith engine, start to declare with your words that you will find the way out, God will help you, will change your vocabulary completely and change your thoughts, all will change for good.

The words take many shapes, sometimes are like a sword that you can use to hurt a person or to destroy the evil, to get against a problem saying: “With God’s faith everything is possible, I will overcome this problem”

From today watch over every word that comes out of your mouth because on the words we show the real faith.

God creates you with the capacity of go out of the problems, He gives you intelligence, talents, strengths, gifts, but all of these work perfectly when you put your faith to work.

You need faith to believed that for God there is nothing impossible, you need to change your words to transform everything and finally you need to put it in action so the things happen, work and action; with God in your side everything is possible

Close doors will open, people will change, opportunities will come, everything will be put in your favor when you deposit your faith in the only truly God.

If you have put your trust in God, you don’t have fear. Everything will be fine

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