God will expand you

By Stephen Correa

God will expand your territory in this day; you will expand to the right and left. Your dreams will make come true, your glory destiny will let you see it upon you. Your enemies have been defeated (difided); they are under your feet. You will be free today from the things that are causing pain and God makes come true your desires. Amen.

In 1 Chronicles 4:10 says: One day he prayed to Israel’s God, “Please bless me and give me a lot of land. Be with me so I will be safe from harm.”

And God did just what Jabez had asked. In this pray Jabez express the wish all we have, the wish to grow, to expand and overcome the difficulties. The end of the text is the most encouraging part, says: And God did just what Jabez had asked.

We need to do all the things knowing that God is who gives us the blessings and open doors. Our responsibility is to pray and work for the faith, then God, will connect with specific persons and will move the situations so we could expand and get free from all sufferings to reach fullness, as Jabez experienced.

Lets pray together: Father today I ask you to expand my spiritual and physical territory, I ask you to open the doors that take me to the health and prosperity. Rid me from the difficulties that cause me pain. I ask you to do with me like you did with Jabez in Jesus name, amen.

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