God prepare your future – faith prayers

By Stephen Correa

God forgives you from all your sins, if you have repentant for the disobedience; you have been forgotten by the blood of Christ. You don’t need to remember it more, or have any self- reproach. Take and receive God’s forgiveness, because His grace is upon you now.

On Micah (Mayca) 7:19 of New American Bible says: “And will again have compassion on us,
treading (treding) underfoot our iniquities? You will cast into the depths (deps) of the sea all our sins”

It’s probable that many times we feel guilty for have been wrong, but this is part of our human nature, the important thing is to decide leave all kind of sin. Jesus blood was spread to clean us from the guilt and the result of the sin.

Our rebellion was nailed in the cross with Jesus. If you feel weakness, ask for help to the Holy Spirit to overcome. Never let the guilt stays in your heart. The Bible says that our sins were forgotten forever by the blood of Jesus.

Let’s pray together: “Father I get your grace and forgiveness, I regret for any sin my body, soul or spirit did. Clean me with the precious Christ blood. I declare myself free from the guilt and the result of the sin. I decide to follow you with the Holy Spirit strength and company. Amen

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