Turn on your today blessing

By Esteban Correa

God has blessings and miracles every day and sometime we let them go and lose them. Blessings are different for each one and they are personal.

I don’t know what things you are living, maybe problems that are overwhelming you, fights and trammels that are inside you, but in order to overcome them you must keep going with this 4 steps:

First, enable your faith that is pro-active: We are very accustomed to have hope, it seems that is easier to have hope than faith. Hope is something that is in the future, is something good that I am waiting for, but hope alone doesn’t make you do things. To have hope is like know that Christ will come back one day to look for his church, which is hope, we need it, but we must have faith along with hope. Faith is action today, faith doesn’t wait anything, faith acts, faith believes in healing today, faith without action doesn’t exists. It doesn’t matter what you are living right now, you must do something, to heal, to become free, to prosper or to conquer the goal or the dream you have in your heart.

Second, focus on your dreams: A person without wishes and dreams is dead in life. If you don’t know what are your dreams or you don’t have your wishes clear maybe is because in a moment in your life someone makes you feel useless and that stops you. But I want to tell you that any God’s creation is useless, you are precious and worthy to God. He made you as a wonderful tool and instrument to bless the world. You must know this and accept it because is the true, and everything that others say is a lie from the enemy. Discouragement and anguish disappear in front of the passion that your dreams bring. Look for the things that you love to do. Keep going! Go for more!

Third, have a plan. You must have a plan. Think what you are going to do today and tomorrow, write down, program it, and make a plan. Proverbs 16:9 says: The human mind plans the way, but the Lord directs the steps. God needs your plan to guide you! Draw a clear way, and God will take care of that way, with His inimitable supernatural stile to guide you for winner ways. Think in the step by step, do everything you can to be closer to your goals.

Fourth, be persistent: If you don’t persevere you will not accomplish anything, persons who don’t develop persevere are an easy prey for the enemy. If you don’t have this concept clear with the first opposition you will fall down with the discouragement. Don’t give up so easily in front of the obstacles, all the wall that are in the way are for make you strong and keep you from the weakness and cowardliness. The soldiers when are training they must jump and climb high walls because they need to work out strength, it’s the same with us; maturity is to become resistant, useful, more fruitful. God told you that if you have faith you would be able to tell a mountain to move and it will.

Persevere if you want to succeed, with patience and persevere many things will accomplish. Maybe you had discouraged, but Stand up and keep fighting because God helps you and He will give you succeed in everything you start!

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